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Jhams: Unfortunately many people may not be aware that they may actually bring the silverfish bug and their eggs into their home when they purchase furniture or products packed in cardboard box containers , especially if these products have been stored in a warehouse that is suitable to silverfish living conditions.

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Wednesday, September 22nd 2010

1:12 PM


Silverfish are small annoying insects that can trigger substantial damage if left unchecked.
Since the diet plan of silverfish can consist of this kind of diverse issues as paper, sugar, coffee, carpet, clothing, glue present in guide bindings, cotton, silk as well as artificial fibers, they are capable of inflicting a lot of harm.To kill the silverfish
Even though silverfish could be destructive and a nuisance, they don't unfold disease. The organic predators of silverfish are home centipedes, earwigs and spiders.
Fortunately you will find some easy methods to obtain rid of silverfish. Here are 7 ways to stop silverfish from becoming a pest.
1/ Lining cupboard shelves with newspaper will keep silverfish out of your cabinets.
2/ Wipe the insides of drawers with eucalyptus oil.
3/ Place some camphor blocks within the bottom of one's wardrobes to keep silverfish out.
4/ After cleaning your door mats, spray the backs of them with just a little mineral turpentine to repel them. As an additional bonus this may also maintain fleas aside.
5/ Place a couple of drops of oil of turpentine (also known as spirits of turpentine or pure turpentine and should not to become confused with mineral turpentine which is a completely various item) in the bottom of chests, cabinets and drawers. This will not just discourage silverfish but moths as well. This is particularly effective within the summer time months.
6/ Sprinkle some Epsom salts in places exactly where silverfish have been seen. That is helpful in drawers, cupboards, bookcases and so on.
7/ Placing a few entire cloves and some unwrapped cakes of soap amongst your garments or inside a pocket in your coats will repel silverfish.

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Wednesday, September 22nd 2010

1:10 PM

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